The single most important set of Melee I’ve played.

This is a set of mine that I played back when I lived in Temecula. To give some context, this was super early into me starting out in Smash. I was basically a total scrub, a total noob, and I had no idea what I was actually doing. I could only do really basic stuff that I had heard of, like wavedashing and moving left and right. I was trash, but I thought I was really really good. What’s important is that I cannot stress enough how important this set is to me. (For those unfamiliar, I play Marth).

And the last 30 seconds here:

(Shoutouts to Kony, who still competes to this day, and also went from being as bad as he was back then to where he is now, and Temecula Melee for giving me the opportunity back then to compete).

I really am obsessed with this set. It speaks for itself. I’m a total TOTAL scrub. White Marth, super cliche. Hilarious. Look how bad I am here! And I love it. I LOVE seeing how bad I am here, I LOVE comparing myself NOW to who I was back then, and comparing my future self to where I’m at today. I really do wish I had lost the set though. Because if I had lost this set, and I had the mindset that I have now, it would have instantly fueled me more to keep going instead of fuck around for the next 3 years. I think it all comes down to perspective though. Because I had won, I naively thought I was pretty dang good. But look, watch the set and you can clearly see that I wasn’t! If you’re just starting out in Melee, or if you feel you’ve been stuck in a rut, chances are you’re just as good at the game as I am here or something. I’ve been there. I WAS that guy. I WAS the cocky White Marth player who wanted to be the next coolest Marth on the planet. I was the Forward Smash spammer, the roller, you name an attribute of a noob, and I had it. I lived it. I get it. I understand it. I’ve been a complete noob at Melee longer than not being one. And the most important thing I’ve learned from being there for so long is that there is an “escape” or “way out” to “being better”. There really is. But it’s not “hope”. It’s not “I hope I…”. It’s not that. It’s going to be different for everyone, and for me it was eventually not being content with where I was in terms of skill.

This video is 100% PROOF, and I mean legit PROOF, that a complete nobody, can improve. And you can sure as HELL do it quicker than I did! Absolutely! The fact that I’m at where I am NOW is proof of this as well. I want this video to inspire at least ONE of you out there. Even just ONE. Just ONE person, to realize that you can go from absolute garbage to basically any higher level of skill if you’ve got the right kind of focus for it. For some people maybe it takes longer to find it, for some it won’t take as long. I’ve seen it happen way shorter for some than for how long it took me. Everyone has different DNA, so I can’t speak for everyone. You hear it time, and time, and time, and time again, from just about every great player, that everyone starts out somewhere. Again, it sounds cliche, but sometimes the cliche stuff is the most true.

So please, please stop using your “badness” at Melee as an excuse as to why you can’t improve, if you really care about improving!

No expert by any means.


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