My 2017 Melee Year in Review


2017 has been a pretty crazy, wild, and fun ride for me in Melee. I’ve learned a tremendous amount about the game and myself, through all the losses and victories. There were many times where I felt bad and I thought maybe I should give up, but here I am today. I feel as if I have matured as both a competitor and a person and I’m very excited for a 2018 full of tournaments, travelling, and being with good friends.

One really cool lesson that I’ve learned, is to give credit where credit is due. Accept the small victories. Even if you’re not winning EVO or Genesis, you can win your own EVO’s at your local tournaments. It felt like I was winning an entire EVO just being able to overcome my own self-doubt and overcoming players who I had  lost to many times before. Enjoying any victory is an awesome feeling especially after working so hard to for it. The more you fall down, the greater the payoff will be once you finally succeed.

My favorite tournament match that I played this year has to be this one:

Almost beating Chillindude829 and beating Santiago in a Bo3 earlier this year was pretty sweet, but this match in particular felt so amazing to win. I had beaten Destroyah in Winners Semis in a super close tight match game five, so that felt incredible, and then I pretty much did the same thing at the end of this set, which felt even more incredible to have done it twice in a row in the same tournament. I made a come back game five, on a counterpick stage that he had won on pretty convincingly in our winners semis set. I definitely believe that the Marth vs Peach matchup is highly in Marth’s favor though, and this set definitely solidified that in me. There was also a moment in game three where I had thrown away my last stock and had to recollect myself mentally and find my focus again. Sometimes spectators might think that’s salt or something, but it’s definitely possible to reclaim your focus if you want to win bad enough. Playing Okami in grand finals at that same tournament was also awesome.

(My least favorite matches were all the ones I lost, luckily most of them were all off-stream :P)

I’ve learned a lot about stage positioning, intention with movement, combo-game, mentality and so much more. My goals for 2018 are to learn how to edge-guard spacies (A major goal…), how to handle defeat more constructively, and to just keep going and keep playing Melee.

Peace out!